Peace Ball

The Portland Promise Center would like your help in creating the World's Largest Ball of Tape!!! Together we can make a difference in Portland, Louisville. With your donations we will create the world's LARGEST ball of tape. This project will raise funds to help the Portland Promise Center renovate abandoned warehouse space and promote its message of peace and justice to the Portland community. It will also grant the children who come to the Promise Center a unique opportunity to be apart of setting a world record. This endeavor will increase these children's sense of self worth as well as provide them with the chance to grow closer to each other and God through a fun and interesting project. The current world record tape ball weighs a staggering 1,862 lbs. and since the record is based on weight we have a long way to go.

Tape for this project was Donated by our friends at
And the Habitat For Humanity ReStore in Louisville, KY!
Habitat for Humanity